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Adatus is Europe’s leading data driven advertising company. Targeting the right person at the right moment, be it for branding, engagement or response. To make advertising relevant again. By combining data, technology and a proven track record, Adatus is a specialist in real time advertising.
Digital advertising has changed tremendously. Through the rise of automated trading and the availability of big data, advertising has evolved from gut feeling into science. That requires independent specialists with a strong analytical background to turn this data into wisdom.
Adatus provides advertising solutions for marketeers. Whether it is self serviced, managed or fully serviced. Ranging from independent to outsourced. Making display advertising as transparant as you want it to be. So you can focus where you really add value in your marketing.
Adatus helps marketeers and agencies to target online advertising to specific audiences. Wether it is for branding or conversion purposes, the result is better at lower costs. Adatus realizes this by using deep data, the latest technology and an analytical approach to meet your objectives.
Adatus has a strong background in data and analytics. We use that knowledge to deliver strong results. Through constant optimisation and 24/7 monitoring we generate the highest return for your advertising budget. >>> Please contact us for more information.
Adatus is Europe’s leading data driven advertising company. Empowering marketeers with deep data and insights, the latest technology and a proven track record. To make advertising relevant to your audience and transparant for your business. Maximising the return of advertising in engagement and conversion.
Johan van Mil - founder

In 2002 Johan founded email marketing firm MailMedia which he sold to OMG (Online Marketing Group) in 2009. In the same period he was appointed CEO of Mailmedia's investor Dialogue Company. Previously, Johan was Commercial Director at BNR News Radio. Johan is also co-founder of Consentu. Additionally, Johan is Vice Chairman of the DDMA (Dutch Dialogue Marketing Association) and a member of the Advisory Board of IPAN. Johan is a partner in venture capital fund Peak Capital that invests in first and second stage TMC companies.

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Auke van den Hout - founder

After several years in investment banking, Auke joined the marketing and media industry in 1998. As managing director at VNU/Claritas Europe he was responsible for the marketing information business in Europe where he set up various country organizations and did acquisitions. Subsequently he became CEO of Acxiom Europe, where he launched various digital data products across Europe. Auke is also co-founder of Consentu, solutions provider for Online Privacy Management. Auke van den Hout is board member of the Dutch IAB responsible for Privacy.

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Adatus is strongly committed ensuring the anonymity and privacy of consumers. Adatus uses interests and preferences of consumers to show targeted advertising. This is mostly done using cookies. A cookie is a number that keeps track of what you did on a site. This information is completely anonymous; Adatus never knows who you are or what your contact details are. Besides, Adatus never uses data on minors or sensitive topcis that could be regarded as sensitive (such as health information, sexual orientation, political affiliation, etc).
The only thing we know is that your computer has shown an interest in eg travel or cars. We use this information to target advertising that better fit your interests and preferences. The information we use is automatically deleted after 6 months. You can see for yourself what companies work with websites to collect and use information and control your online behavioural advertising preferences by visiting
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